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…well, most of us. We have two fur babies, Moose and Mango who didn’t get to come with us on our last trip to Asheville, NC.
Meet Shane, me (Alexi) and our beautiful daughter Ella Jo…our everything and reason for this adventure! We are ready to take on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling with a 3 year old, two dogs and figuring out tiny life on the road as we go…including making an income! It’s a huge risk, but who gets a huge reward without taking a risk?

So follow us on our journey from living big to tiny living on the road as a traveling photographer family!

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Contact us to see if we are available for a session when we are in your neck of the woods! 941-720-4220 shane@thesimplenomads.com

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We are a family of 3 who was tired of the grind, tired of the routine, and tired of the same 'ole town day in and day out. This is our story of how we sold everything and hit the road to explore the country! Read our blog to stay up to date with what's going on with us.


Alexi has been in the art industry all of her life. Her background is in graphic design and after attending the Ringling College of Art and Design she continued her passion for photography and started her wedding photography business (together with Shane) and have had the pleasure of shooting them together over 10 years. Shane's backround is in the cooking world....this works to Alexi's benefit as he can whip up a gourmet 5 course dinner anywhere, anytime! Ella Jo, being only 3 has a very outgoing personality and when not exploring the locale, she's enjoying coloring, her dolls and cartoons.


I'd say some of the stuff we love most are cooking together and enjoying fun new experiences together. When we aren't capturing the beauty of this country we call home, we are enjoying quality time together or working on putting together some fun new travel videos or designing new awesome products for fellow travelers!