My Big Why | Because it will never be a perfect time to fulfill your dream

Living and traveling the country in a camper has not been a life long dream. Honestly, owning a camper had never crossed my mind…at all. The kicker, I have never camped in a camper prior to purchasing one. As I put this in words, I kinda get why some people (really everyone I talk to) say what a crazy idea this is. But everyone has a reason, whether financial, personal, or just to escape.

My why came about as my mom was failing from a three year battle from a bitch called cancer. My mom worked as a book keeper and was so dedicated, that she worked almost to the end. The company she worked for was sold and her position was being absorbed. She had the option to retire in mid-2016 and do what ever she wanted, but she chose work to keep her mind busy. Part of me gets the part about keeping busy, but the other half says why not go and live and check off your bucket list. When I asked one day, her answer stuck with me…she had lived and has done everything she has ever wanted. That got the wheels in my head turning. We work so hard for the stereotypical stuff…house, cars, etc,… but for what.

My mom, as most parents, put on a great front for a long time and even until the end, didn’t let on how bad it really was. Again, I understood, but wished she were more open about how she was really doing. I am glad that we were able to take advantage of the time we had, as my sister and Dad kept me in the loop. As her time was nearing the end, it really got Alexi and I talking about what is important. Not once was ‘stuff’ mentioned. It was about spending time with our daughter and living. Not knowing what tomorrow would bring or the curves life will throw our way, we decided we needed to jump out of the rat race and forge our own path.

If there is a 40 hour week to work, we will work it together.

We started planning and projecting the timing as to when would be best. It came down to the fact there will never be a perfect time, so we just put things in motion. Listed the house, yard sales almost every weekend, and working on getting down to one vehicle. With less stuff, there are less responsibilities (largely debt), which means less commitment. It may sound like this was easy and on a whim, but over the past weeks, there have been many discussions. Our home for example…it is on the same street we initially lived on and we would walk by the house often, commenting how nice it would be to live there one day. It was a foreclosure on a nicer street with a three car garage. After three years, we sold and moved out of the neighborhood. About 6 to 8 months later, the ‘dream‘ house popped up on the market. We jumped and were out bid in a multiple offer situation. We were heartbroken, but knew, if it was meant to be, it would be. A month later, the deal fell through and we went in strong and got it. It was just what we wanted….. Here we are today and still love the house, but realize it is just a debt that will never really be ours. The sale has been a somewhat of an emotional roller coaster as well. Downsizing from nearly 2000 square feet to 200 means a lot of purging. Yes, we could get a storage unit, but then we would be paying to store ‘stuff’ we would never see and most likely would not miss. So almost everything is going at cut rate prices and makes me wonder if all garage sales are like shopping at ours!

In the end, I want to be able to say I ‘DID IT ALL’, everything I ever wanted…and more. Why would we wait til retirement? Why wait until it’s too late? There’s never the ‘perfect time’ for anything worth doing, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit around grinding away week after week while my daughter grows up and her childhood passes me by.

I’m doing it now.

I’m doing it for me and my family.

I’m not going to wait.

Perfect or not, we WILL make it work…

What is your Why?