Downsizing – 5 steps to prepare to tiny living on the road

Our current home is located in beautiful Bradenton, FL…just minutes from the famous white sands of Anna Maria Island…in the post photo!
We live what most would consider a typical modern family life. However, it has started to weigh us down. The everyday stresses of bills and expenses and what you’re ‘supposed’ to have in order to be ‘successful’ in life was getting heavier and heavier. We should be happy, we have it all, we are considered successful with our current lives as a full time property manager (Shane) and full time photographer (me, and Shane sometimes). We have a beautiful 3 year old daughter, Ella Jo, that we were able to take to Disney every weekend over the last year. Despite all of our successes, we still felt as if something were missing.
Here’s US!

We had briefly entertained the idea of going on the road over the past year, but it seemed like a pipe dream or just crazy talk. Who takes their 3 year old and two big dogs in a travel trailer around the US while attempting to make enough money on the road just to survive? Through the whole ‘entertaining the idea’ process I found shows like Alaskan Bush People and Tiny House Nation and reading books like Tiny House Living to be compelling… the idea seemed so freeing, yet so out of reach. We have a mortgage, two car payments, a photography studio rent, full time daycare, insurance, cable bills, cell phones, students loans, the list continues with other expenses that are ‘voluntary’, yet life without them is hard to fathom. Well, come to find out, after a bunch of research, googling and stalking instagram accounts, quite a few people & even families larger than ours do tiny living on the road full time!! Hmmm…well that got us thinking that this was more attainable than we originally realized.

OK—-we were both hooked on the idea and life tied down to one place with only a few weeks a year to travel seemed to be the ridiculous. We aren’t meant to stay grounded in one place and work 40 hours a week just to pay bills and buy stuff we don’t really need. It’s time to turn this pipe dream into reality!
 this closet is stressing me out ~

Step 1…downsize!! We are still in that phase, but are slowly and surely selling off most of our posessions. I put together what 5 steps I feel you need to take to take to begin this downsizing process. I’ve even put together a fun little video (don’t make too much fun of me, I’m not that comfortable talking to a camera while looking at my own face!)

Check out 5 steps to downsizing and preparing for tiny house living on the road.

My closet scared me…but it didn’t really help prepare me at all. I still have a 3 car garage full, more toys then any child should have as a 3 year old (yet, those are the HARDEST items for me to get rid of because I’m afraid my child will be devastated!) and a huge quantity of other large items. I’m really hoping we can rent our house out furnished, but we haven’t found the right tenants yet, so we will see.

After you get through that part….then it’s time to PLAN!
More on that later…we still don’t know where we are going to first and second and so on and so forth.

What to expect in the coming weeks from The Simple Nomads:

Dry Run – testing out our new tiny home on wheels, AKA The Imagine Dragon (33 ft Grand Design Imagine travel trailer)
Planning our trip – where to go to first!
What are we going to do for income
Quitting a full time job
Removing our kid from her preschool and friends
Renting our house out
Downsizing the current vehicle situation (two vehicles totaling over $700 / month is NOT going to work)