Expect the Unexpected…Very Unexpected!

Being from Florida, we have spent plenty of time on the beach. Within 24 hours of being in Maine, the beach was at the center of a major hiccup in our travel plans. I can’t blame this on beach directly, but really want to!

On a family fun filled Saturday afternoon Alexi, Ella, and I were running (Ella was running, we were chasing) on the hard packed sand of Old Orchard Beach, just south of Portland. After about a mile we were coercing Ella to turn around and head back to the Boardwalk. Shortly after we started to head back, (I was playfully running, not sprinting), and POP! In the next two strides, I felt like I was stepping in a hole on the hard packed sand and then went down with a thud and immediately went into a lot of pain. I could tell something was wrong and after convincing Alexi I wasn’t playing around, she called 911. Help arrived within minutes and deduced my Achilles was at the very least damaged. After spending the remainder of our once beautiful day at the ER, it was found to be ruptured…a ruptured achilles is the kind that requires surgery for the best results. I was lucky enough to be referred to a great surgeon and by Tuesday, I was recovering from surgery. The medical industry here is pretty awesome!

Talk about unexpected! You truly can only plan for the unexpected so much. With me being laid up for the next 6-8 weeks, this has resulted in Alexi talking on much more, such as flushing tanks, closing up, hooking up, and…towing the camper! We have been on the road a month and she has slowly but surely been picking up little things here and there, but has never actually done much of them until now. The thought of driving the camper has her absolutely terrified however. We have our trusty BlueOx sway bar setup, but you can still feel that overwhelming push when a giant tractor trailer comes speeding past you on the highway. We have done what we can, but with a 28ft travel trailer and 22ft Ford Excursion, wind does was it does. White knuckles and two hands at all times when driving that bad boy! Alexi did great, despite the unexpected and will be a pro by the time I’m fully healed.

So in the spirit of expecting the unexpected, make sure you share knowledge and responsibilities with your partner even in the beginning of your journey.