It’s Like Christmas! Getting all the necessary tools for successful fulltime RVing

With the purchase of our new Grand Design Imagine, we found it does not come with anything that you need to use it. So after research and hitting up a few RV groups on Facebook, we got an idea of what to get and what to not waste money on. Then…UPS, FedEx, and USPS stopped at our door every day for a week. Even with the every day delivery’s everything fit into one box! Here is the short list of essentials that we are starting with.

One of the first things that was needed was the sewer hose. Believe it or not, they sell you a travel trailer without the tools to use it! We have read that a 20ft sewer hose should be good for most areas, but to get a 10ft sewer hose extension for that one time you may need it. The other item is a Sidewinder sewer hose support that provides the pitch for the waste to flow. This is much easier and better support than blocks.

Camco Sewer Hose Equipped

Next up was a quality supply hose. Lead Free was a must and long enough to accommodate various distances of the various parks we intend on visiting. We opted for the the 50ft drinking hose from Camco.

Camco Lead Free 50ft Hose

Finding many posts that water pressure varies from park to park, and that the plumbing in most travel trailers is susceptible to leaking under too high of pressure, we opted to splurge and get a pressure regulator that should lessen the chances of any unwanted surprises.

Camco Pressure Regulator

Next up, we wanted to ensure high quality h2O ran through the pipes. Camco offers and inline water filter that connects between the hose and intake.

Camco Water Filter