Overcoming RV Living Fears

My husband made a comment today as I squished the umpteenth spider from the ceiling. ‘You’ve come a long way’ he says. I didn’t need to ask what he was referring to. I knew I have overcome many RV living fears. I’ve overcome more fears in these past few months than I can count. Spiders have always freaked me out to no end. Even the smallest of 8 legged arachnids would cause me to have a mental breakdown which always included (but not limited to) jumping up and down and letting out a shrill which could compete with a dying cat’s wails. Nowadays, I simply decide if it’s one to squish or not. Sorry, but the ones that make their way inside my camper get squashed. The ones on the outside are kept alive to keep mosquito population at bay. Somehow our critter co-living situation has changed completely. The only time I can say my spidey senses went array was one fateful day in the laundry room when I casually leaned against the door to read a magazine and something crawled out the corner of my eye….could it be?? A quick google search confirmed it was my worst enemy…the brown recluse. I’m familiar with black widows and have had many make their home in obscure outside corners of my old Florida home, which led to my extensive research on venomous spiders. Although the black widow can do some serious damage if not treated, the brown recluse can kill….come to find out it’s even killed a family member of mine! (Distant family member….my great uncle’s daughter to be exact) Aside from shaking ours and my daughter’s sheets every night I have to have faith that one isn’t going to just crawl into our beds and kill us. (So far, so good) I spray our sheets everynight with a mixture of peppermint essential oils and water….and use this spray to keep critters out of our home!

~Face your fears head on and you will prevail~
On to bigger things, as if spiders can’t be big enough. I’ve overcome my fear of driving on mountain roads. We still haven’t made it to the Grand Tetons or Rockies, but I’ve now ridden and driven on my fair share of winding mountain roads with steep drop offs then I would normally care to embark on. That’s huge for me. Granted, I still can’t watch my iPhone or read while riding on said winding road, but for the most part I feel as if I have overcome a huge fear of mine. I’m trying my best not to think about next summer when we plan on exploring the larger mountains the US has to offer…I’m just not sure our 2000 Ford Excursion can handle it. A newer, more powerful truck may be in order. (I guess that means I better get this blog and shop rockin’ some sales!) Luckily, I feel we’ve done everything we can to ensure the safest, smoothest journey through the mountains and rough terrain. Our Blue Ox 1000 has kept us safe, free of sway and a must for any RV adventurers with a tow behind.

We’ve overcome some seriously big, unexpected bumps in the road. Another one of my RV living fears was what if one of us is seriously injured? We’ve switched to this new Christian Medi-share plan and had NO intention of using it! Who could’ve foreseen Shane rupturing his achilles on the beach in Maine on our first day there except God himself. No one. Thank the Lord we had put that medical sharing plan into action! It’s cost effective and so far the customer service has been outstanding! Way better than any conventional insurance company we’ve used in the past. I couldn’t be happier! If you are new to full-time RV living or beginning your journey and wondering what is a better, more cost effective health insurance plan for you and your family then look no further! Here’s our referral link if you are ready to make the move. Christian Medi-Share

We’ve had plans change (and had to roll with the punches…a fear for any ‘planner’). Aside from Shane’s surgery, just the week prior we had to change around reservations due to our trailer brakes going out unexpectedly. You can read more about the details in our blog post: http://thesimplenomads.com/has-it-been-a-month-already/
It was one of those unthinkable situations….you’re on the side of the road in some far off the beaten path town with scarce cell phone reception and your brakes decide they don’t want to do their job and stop. Instead of panicking, crying and calling my Dad. (I still called my Dad, but that’s beside the point) I took action, and together with Shane we googled every trailer brake/RV repair shop within 50 miles until stumbling across the BEST people we could’ve found at Tom Schaffers RV repair shop. Not only did they get us in and get us fixed up in less than 24 hours, they hooked us up with electricity and let us sleep in our RV right in their parking lot that night. Aside from being terrified about the broken brakes and unforeseen cost, it went better than can be expected and is another hurdle we crossed in a very short amount of time since being on the road.

I drove the trailer! One of my GIANT RV living fears that I was avoiding like the plague until that fateful day Shane ruptured the achilles in his driving foot. Guess who had to break down sewer hoses, hitch up, hook up and drive the travel trailer with very little help?! Ya, I can’t believe that happened the way it did, but it pretty much turned me into an RV badass overnight and now I feel unstoppable. Thankfully (I’m not a FAN of driving the camper) Shane is able to drive again, kind of. He brakes with his left foot as his right foot still can’t apply that much pressure, but we’ve made it from Maine to South Carolina unscathed.

Fears….We all have them and for anyone starting the full-time RV life journey, I know you do too. You might think you can get away without having to face them but this lifestyle has a way of thrusting them into your face whether you are ready for it or not. Be warned, you are getting ready to morph into one travel badass! 
I don’t think there is a way to ever be fully ‘ready’ for this journey…..I think it’s similar to those thoughts of being ‘ready’ for a baby. Just know, that your strength comes from within and comes out when you need it most. Have faith in that and nothing can stop you…. you’re already all the way up!

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