The Struggle is Real! No steady income = looking for passive income avenues

In our final week as homeowners, we have been working to get organized in our new camper in preparations for our epic journey. We did find ourselves holding on and sleeping in the our nice comfy king bed a few more nights. It will be missed!

What we have found though that during the move, we still had a lot of stuff. Alexi and I found that we both were holding on to stuff that we hadn’t used or needed. Even up until the last few days of moving in, we were having to move stuff right back out! We haven’t missed anything as of yet, and even feel we could get away with a lot less. Pro: The void of stuff has freed up time for conversation…which right now is all about getting settled in to our new home and avenues to take to build our The Simple Nomads brand.

Now, one week into our new full time rv-ing experience we are ‘settled’ ish, but truth is I don’t think we’ll ever be settled. No longer is there a routine, or daily habit. Life right now is very shambled and the continuity of everyday 9-5 is gone. We’ll elaborate on that later after we’ve had a little more time go by.

So, where do we go from here?!

Without a steady income or even passive income we are grasping for a direction to take. We are looking for couples and families that may be in the market for updated photos, but the truth is that will always be a hard sell and a hustle without the organic google rankings and word of mouth that made our photography business profitable when we were in one location. Although we both are passionate about photography and have no intentions of stopping, we sit back and ask ourselves….’wouldn’t it be nice to take photos of what we want when we want?’ the answer for any creative mind is YES! We love working with clients but when you are 100% reliant on those clients for income you are constantly looking for the next paycheck as opposed to enjoying the journey.

Our new focus is going to be passive income. We have made a few bucks from affiliate links so far, but nothing to write home about. With our continuing blogging we plan on showing the world how we are doing this wild new life on the road and sharing any valuable information and products that have helped life become easier. We won’t be spreading any nonsense links just for a few bucks…if we can’t back up any affiliation or product 110%, we won’t bother talking about it. The last thing we want to do is steer any of our readers into the wrong direction! We are learning as we go and want to help other future full timers to skip some of the ‘hard lessons’.

So far the latest, most valuable resource as a full timer has been to become a Passport America member and affiliate. This is a valuable resource for any casual camper or full-timer. For a whopping $44/year you can receive 50% OFF over 1900 campgrounds!!!! It honestly seemed a little too good to be true for us, but so far we have made our first reservation at a lovely spot in Charleston, SC (super pumped to visit Charleston) and the base nightly rate was only $17 thanks to being a Passport America member!!!

Passport America has so kindly offered us a special code so that any of our readers can receive 3 months FREE membership when they sign up!!!! Use the code RV3 when you sign up at to take advantage of the 3 months free. Serious. No brainer. 50% off anything is friggin’ amazing…so we were quick to jump on board as Passport America members….we’ll keep you updated as we continue our travels on which campgrounds are the best value, etc. 🙂

Until then, time to figure out other avenues of income to keep this camper rollin’!

Happy Travels