What Are We Doing!? – Motivation to Survive

We are three months into our journey, back in Florida, and in full swing of wedding photography season. Being able to spend time with family and having photography work lined up, we have treated the last two weeks like vacation. Our motivation is wavering, and it is has really got us thinking about how to keep this machine rolling!

Downsizing has lowered our monthly expenses drastically, but we still need income to survive. For the past two months, we have been focusing on building a passive income base. If anyone believes this is a quick process…I have some magic beans to sell you! There are many webinars and classes you can take, but everything takes work and dedication.

We have found this traveling thing can be a little distracting as we stop in a different cool place every week or two! (and we may or may not have gotten annual passes to Disney for our time in Florida!) The best resource we have had for the past few weeks has been Lynn Grogan, our business coach. She has helped hold us accountable, set goals, and plan to achieve those goals. It sounds basic and in theory is, but having someone hold you accountable is immensely helpful. An hour call helps get us setup for the week so we have a plan versus the what now question.

Having accountability has helped keep us motivated, but since we have been back in Florida, we have treated seeing family like a vacation. We have fallen off the wagon. So much so, the “what are we doing” question has been brought up. How much effort do we dedicate to the passive income before we break down and get jobs?

To keep our motivation going, we treat the work we do as a job. Although not the easiest, we do work to keep a schedule and found tag teaming the to-do list accomplishes the most. On the daily, that works. As the week progresses, we work to stay on track and the coaching call truly helps that. We are still working to find what works to get us back on track. Communicating the big picture has helped.

Since we have started our travels, we have setup a shop for custom designed t-shirts on our website and multiple other sites, setup numerous affiliate link partners with RV partners and product sites like Amazon.com, pitched and booked a few commercial photo/video shoots, blogged and vlogged. We have also setup a sponsorship deal with a solar charger company. We have also reached out to several other companies for sponsorship opportunities. A single source of passive income is not going to provide much support, but several $40 checks each month is nice side money.

We also have the plan to market our photography skills in the places we plan to visit. It would be amazing to shoot a wedding with the Grand Tetons in the background! If you know of anyone getting married out west next summer, let us know!!

So in the end (or beginning) there still is no overnight success program. Everything takes work, motivation, and dedication, but it does pay off in time. Do not get discouraged. If you find you need a push, utilize the many resources available whether it be a coach or Facebook group.

What do you do to stay motivated and to keep your focus?