Unicorn Fabulousness – a healthy alternative to Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

The second Starbucks hit us with their Unicorn Frappuccino creation I was StarSTRUCK! (bad pun) Who doesn’t love unicorns??? Or the idea of them actually existing and pooping rainbows anyways. (more on that later) It debuted yesterday and every Starbucks I passed I was half tempted to drive my butt through that drive thru and ‘just do it’. The fat kid inside of me was screaming for (get this) watermelon (or was it beet?) juice COLORED frappucino goodness. (that’s right, it’s not Red #40). Even if they did jump onto the ‘natural’ food coloring bandwagon (which I commend), this one drink still could bring as many as 72g of sugar! (if I’m remembering correctly…someone sent me nutrition facts when I was on the fence about getting one) Being the health nut (sometimes) that I am, I decided it’s probably not a good idea for me or anyone to drink this debacle even though it seemed that half of America already has tried this multi-flavored oh so colorful (could it be?) goodness.

Day 2….I can’t…I just can’t…even though I already promised my 3 year old we were going to get a unicorn drink after she did so amazing at her swimming lessons. )Her eyes lit up like two big rainbow starbursts) but I still drove right past the Starbucks. Sigh….

Of course the second we walk into the door at home her little (actually blue) eyes look up at me and she says in her sweetest 3 year old voice… “Mama, I want a pink unicorn drink, pretty pleaaaaase??!!” Well, who in the heck can say no to THAT! (not me, I’ll be honest) So I set out to make a version that was pink enough to her liking, but healthy enough to mine. It came out ‘ok’, so don’t kill me if yours wasn’t amazing. I was out of bananas which would’ve helped with the consistency and my kiwis weren’t super ripe so they ended up getting stuck in the straw since they just didn’t blend right.

Overall what really mattered is my kid got a pink unicorn layered flavor changing drink without a million grams of sugar and a $5 million dollar price tag (whatever, it costs too much) and I got creative and made a fun little video randomly in the afternoonSee the shadow…see what I did there?? I’m on to you Starbucks…

I’m DEFINITELY packing up my Nutri bullet to take with us on the road…it is ESSENTIAL to life in general and I wouldn’t be caught living tiny without it! (if you’ve been thinking of jumping on the nutri bullet bandwagon, buy through this link on Amazon and we get a little gas money!)

ENJOY the stop motion video!